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Raven Housing Trust

Our relationship with Raven Housing Trust 

has been going strong since 2003. 


Throughout we have worked to evolve their 
Achieving efficiency
Delivering excellent services
Providing better standards 
identity without forgetting the requirements for new & existing homes 
Delivering value for money 
Achieving best practice 
of Ravens’ tenants. Every step of the way Creating better communities

Waste and recycling 
we have tried to make the brand friendly 
NextReducing waste throughout the Benefits
organisation Raven has started to•monitor both its own waste and the Recycling in apartments can be more challenging due to space txeN
Average recycling rate over 12 months by materialwaste created by its contractors to ensurewerecycleandreuseasmuchissues and providing of communal recycling bins. We hope to tackle 
and accessible − whilst being cautious with Tarmac aspossible.Wearealsoworkingwit local councilstoensureexistingblocks tinhiflsaintstrheecyfuclteurmeotroehoeflpthreisridweanstse. Timber
GreenTWarmasatec •offlatsareprovidedwithadequaterecycling facilities by creating bin areas.This reduces contract costs as it is Tyimrebser
Gypsum/GprlaesetnerWboaasrtde WEEE Site mthoarnetcoosetnedffietctoivelatnodfirellc.yWclaeswteatsote TMyeretaslConcrete seitinummocrettebg
their budget!WEEPElaSsittiec Plasticlandfill costs around £80 / tonne and only £18 / tonne to recycle it. CSoinlcrete SoilnitaerC
Glass GlassRecycling through our repairsPaper/Cardboeard Paper/CardboeardecitcarptsebgniveihcA 
Average recycling and landfill rate and maintenance departmentRaven’s in-house repairs yenomrofeulavgnirevileD 
over 12 months 2010department recycles on average 89% of its waste a year.sdradnatsrettebgnidivorP semohgnitsixe&wenrof 
Average landfill Average landfillThere are a wide range of materials that are recycled from timber, Average recycled rate Average recycled rate
metal and tyres to glass and plastic. (*figures sourced from Britannia secivrestnellecxegnirevileD
Crest waste transfer station).ycneiciffegniveihcA


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“EY...consistently keep their 
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slairetamfoegnarediwaeraerehT ,rebmitmorfdelcycererataht etar delcycer egarevA etar delcycer egarevAllifdnal egarevA llifdnal egarevA
designs and approach so fresh, .raeyaetsawstifo%98 etarllifdnaldnagnilcyceregarevA 0102shtnom21revo
tnemtrapedecnanetniamdna sriaperesuoh-nis’nevaR egarevanoselcycertnemtraped 
sriaperruohguorhtgnilcyceR draeobdraC/repaP ssalG
delivering designs that have been ennot/08£dnuorastsocllfidnal eterclnioCSceittisSalEPEEW.tielcycerotennot/81£ylnodna lioS citsalP draeobdraC/repaPssalG
etsawelcycerotevitceffetsocerom lateM otetsaW.llfidnalottidnesotnaht etelractneoMC edtrsaaobWrentesealrpG/muspyG edtriaSobErEeEtsWalp/muspyG 
etauqedahti wdedivorperastaflfositisastsoctcartnocsecudersihT• .saeranibgnitaercybseitilicafgnilcycer resbermiyT seryTcetasamraWTneerG 
htiwgnikrowoslaeraeW.elbissopsa stnediserplehoterutufehtnisiht skcolbgnitsixeerusneotslicnuoclacol .etsawriehtfoeromelcycerstaflni rebmiT camraT
both to our brief and innovative. otsrotcartnocsti ybdetaercetsaw hcumsaesuer dnaelcycer ewerusne elkcatotepoheW.snibgnilcycer lanummocfognidivorpdnaseussietar gnilcycer egarevA lairetamybshtnom21revo
ehtotddneatreattssaswanhwnoevsatiRhntoibtarsoitniangorom ebnacstnemtrapani gnilcyceR• ecaps ot eudgnignellahcerom 
stifeneB ehttuohguorhtetsawgnicudeR
In my experience, they are also 

flexible, good value for money and 

An interactive pdf document with 

a pleasure to work with”
photo-gallery; to explain Ravens ...together with banner stands 

Sue Lea, Raven Housing Trustcommitment to Sustainability...for the launch.

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