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Rosebery Housing Association

Our first Annual Report for Rosebery.

In January 2013 we won a six-agency pitch to work 

with Rosebery Housing. The pitch was for a three 

year contract to design and produce their quarterly 

06 07 
Rosebery Annual Report 2012/13 Rosebery Annual Report 2012/13 
•Continue supporting the Resident Panel’s • Publish feedback on the website from Walk 
It’s very important that Rosebery understands how we feel about their services. As the Resident ceovemrymyitemaer,nitntcolucdainrrgyiinmgpoleumt 2ensteinrgvictheerierviews AwbhoetuhteTraalknyApbroubtlemvesnwtse. rTehisdewniltlifisehdowinrleoscidael nts 
HOW IS ROSEBERY PERFORMING?Panel, we carry out regular reviews of the organisation’s services and we see change happen andimprovementsbeingmade. Therearelotsof differentwaysforyoutotllRosberyyourrecommendations or explaining the reasons why it’s not possible for things to be changed.neighbourhoods, and explain what staff are doing to sort them out.
97 residents have worked views. Thisincludesthslikemysty shopping,WalkAboutTalkAbouts,e-surveysandfocus groups. Your opinions are valuable in helping Rosebery to improve services for all of us. •Hold regular meetings at sheltered schemes to talk with residents about any concerns they may have.
We manage the photography, print and fulfilment for with Rosebery to give feedback on services 
£2,755.99 was givento residents from the LAST YEAR ROSEBERY PROMISED TO...Support the Resident Panel’s commitment to carrying out two more reviews. Then Rosebery 
Brighter Future Bursary Fund, whichmeant they would go through the Panel’s recommendations and if they can’t carry them out, provide explanations for this.
coulstudyfornewqualifications or learn Rosebery says: 
each skillsThe Resident Panel reviewed how we manage anti- social behaviour and they also looked at our repairs process. A total of 34 recommendations were carried out by our staff over the last 12 months.Resident Joy Housen and her family in Rosebery Park
Four residents applied to the Bursary Fund,
to study subjects such asaccounting,beautyAdvertise for new members of the Resident Panel, with the aim of recruiting. 
therapy,photographyand tourism management Rosebery says: We put posters in our reception area, communal areas of our estates, and on our website to advertise for new members of the 
109 Opportunity Store activities were heldRDeiasindneentGPeaonregl.e,WJeo’yreHhoaupspeyn taonsdayDtehraetkwSeteraedc.ruTihtedy’vthereaelrenaedwy mhaedmabers: 
positive impact and been involved in checking our services.
We’ve designed the newsletter to stand-out-from-the- Mystery shopping Refresh and update the tenant’s handbook, getting views from residents on how it should be designed and what information it should include.
was re-launched, with more residents Rosebery says: We held a focus group session last year, where a group
contacting us through phone and email to of residents compared our current handbook with handbooks from other housing associations. We took their views on board when we decided on the 
crowd by making it 20% larger than A4-size; so it has check how we of the new handbook and we also carried out an e-survey and put a display board in our reception area, to encourage more feedback.
Train up a group of residents to become Estate Champions. Their job will be to check whether 
communal repairs and cleaning are completed to a good standard, and report things like graffiti so we can put it right.
Rosebery says: There have been 2 parts to this project. We wanted to
more room for the articles to breath – but with no get the scheme off the ground properly, so we’ve spent time writing a plan, recruiting and training residents. We’re now ready to launch the project and 
we’ll update you on how it’s going in future editions of Streets Ahead.

Ms Webb, 25, resident from West Ewell, said:Rosebery held a Picnic in the Park event for its 
additional cost in production.“I was flicking through a past copy of Streets Ahead when I read a Qreuseideenn’stsD, tioamceolnedbrJautebiltehe. 
story about a resident who’d been given a grant to do a training course from the Brighter Future Fund. I called Rosebery and found Free entertainment was organised for people of all 
otoutrtahiant,indeCsopsimteewticorMkiankge-puapr.t It’ivmeel,eIadrnidt hqouwalitfoy cfoarrfiynoauntceiaylehelp ages, was put on, including facepainting, aclimbing 
treatments like eyelash perming and tinting. Thanks to Rosebery, I’m finally following my dream to become a beauty therapist.wall,creamteasandjive dancing.“

Rosebery Annual Report 2012/13
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“When selecting a new agency to design our publications, EY Communications Inte’sigimhbpourtrahnototdhsatmthoerecaotmtrmacutinvietie(seweeMliavekiningaareDpiflfaecrenscwehperoejewcet wbealnotwto). Aben.ETshtate’sSwehryvicReoseObfefircyeprumt amnoangeysinthtoe gmraokuindgsourmaintenanceandcleaningcontracts,whicharedelivered throughcontactors.Resident ‘EstateChampions’arnowreadytostart gnibmilca,gnitniapecaf ,yrebesoRotsknahT.gnitnitdnagnimrephsaleyeekilstnemtaert dnasaet maerc,llaw.tsiparehtytuaebaemocebot maerdymgniwollofyllanfim’I
work,andthey’llbecheckinghowwell Roseberyisdoingonthingslikegardeningandcleaningservices.Roseberyalsoworkclosely with partners such as the police, to reduce Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).llafoelpoeprof desinagrognidulcni,notupsaw,segaplehlaicnanfirof yfilauqdidI,emittrapgnikrowetipsed,tahttuo eyetuoyrracot wohtnrael ev’I.pu-ekaMcitemsoCni niart ot 
MAKINGADIFFERENCETOYOU:.eelibuJ dnosawtnemniatretneeerF“gniniart aodottnarganevigneebd’ohwtnediser atuobayrots dnuof dnayrebesoRdellacI.dnuFerutuFrethgirBeht morf esruoc 
were head and shoulders above the competition. Their creative ideasInspring2012,Roseberyconductedasurveytofindoutwhatthingsresidentswantedto maketheirneighburhoodsnicereht etarbelecot,stnedisermai Ds’neeuQadaerI nehwdaehAsteertSfoypoctsapahguorht gnikciflsawI 
placestoliv.Staffvisited820homesandgotfeedbackfrom3‘M8a0kpinegopaleD.ifAfesraenrcees’ulpt,roRjoescet,bteoryiminpvreosvtedne£i1gMhbionutrheoirods MSinrsceTaRyoloser,brersyidpeuntufrpomtheEwnewll,rsaildin:gs“ci n ci P a dl e h y r e b e s o Rs t i r o f t n e v e k r a P e h t n i: di a s , l l e w E t s e W m o r f t n e di s e r , 5 2 , b b e W s M
awnodrklohcaaslncowmmbeuenniticeosm.Wple’tredp.lHeaesre’dstsomsaeyhthigahtlmighotsst:oftheocutsthidreouoguhrbouirldfrinogn,tpgasrsderns-obrytcharonw’t l itter init.Ourdryingareahavebeen
• NW e a w t e r p s l e a d y g a e r e a a r s e a w e r e d e s i g n e d a n d i n s t a l l e d i n t h e• Many gardens had railings put in to increase residents’ privacyre-tarmaced,whichmeanstebackgardenlooks somuchbetter andLAST YEAR ROSEBERY PROMISED TO....daehAsteertSfosnoitideerutuf ni gniogs’ti wohnouoyetadpull’ew
were innovative and their costs demonstrated excellent value for money• Concrete on the footpaths were renewed to prevent accidents• Drying areas were re-tarmaced to improve their appearanceresitsarehappiertogooutthere and mix together. The improvements have made such a difference to our Support a review of anti-social behaviour (ASB) by the Resident Panel. And carry out their list of recommendations, or explain why they are unrealistic.,nalpagnitirwemittnepsev’ewos,ylreporpdnuorgehtffoemehcsehtteg dnatcejorpehthcnualotydaerwoner’eW.stnedisergniniartdnagnitiurcer
HPEORWFOIRSMRIONSGE?BERY• Breedttuecrelirgehstiidnegnwtsa’ scoinsctaerllnedabinouatlleayntwi-asoyscianl dbechaarvpioaurkrs topRorisveabceyraynednqouaglhityfoorfwlihfea.tItchaeny’tvethdaonnke.Rosebery says: The Resident Panel completed their ASB Review and we’ve “ot detnaweW.tcejorpsiht otstrap2neebevaherehT:syasyrebesoR 
8d u6 r i n n e g w t h A e S y B e ca ar s e s w e r e r e p o r t e d • Guest rooms were refurbished in the sheltered schemesc f o a r r r a i e l l d n e o wu t f 1 r o 5 n r t e l i n c o e m s t ma f e f . n d a t i o n s t o d a t e , i n c l u d i n g o r g a n i s i n g A S B t r a i n i n ge k i l s g n i h t t r o p e r d n a , d r a d n a t s d o o g a ot d e t e l p m o c e r a g n i n a e l c d n a s r i a p e r l a n u m m o c . t h gi r t i t u p n a c e w o s i t fi f a r g
7af8te(r9b0e%in)gcsaestetlsedwere closedIannvdesrte£fu1rMbisfhoratrheeasMsaukcihngasaaDcifhfeildrernence’s Pprloajyegcrtoiunnidm.proving things like parking or bin storagerehtehwkcehcot eblliwbojriehT.snoipmahCetatsEemocebotstnediserfopuorgapuniarT 
CP E A R S C E E S N B T Y A T G Y E P : E A S A– without compromising on quality. I have been very impressed with their THE RESIDENT PANEL SAYS ROSEBERY SHOULD PROMISE TO:R w o o r s k e b h a e s r y a l s m a o y s s t : b We e e n i n c v o e m s t p e l d e t £ e 1 d M. S o i n m t o e t h o e f t p h r e o i j me c p t r a o n v e d m, a e n y t e s a h r a o v n e , n t h e e e d e d atupdnayevrus-enatuodeirrac oslaewdnakoobdnah wenehtfongised .kcabdeef eromegaruocneot,aeranoitpecerruoni draobyalpsidotliamednaenohp .ylper ewwohkcehc
• Alcohol related – 1.1%• Drugs/substance misuse/drug de a l i n g – 9 . 3 %• CanodntGinruoeuhnodsldcianpgeEssctatnewSoerkvicmeosrAecctliosneDlyawyist,hsroesCidleanntsctoapes planning permission, which has held up the progress. But it’s in the pipeline and Making a Difference should soon be nearing completion.rehto morf skoobdnahhti wkoobdnahtnerrucruoderapmocstnediserfoeht nodedicedewnehwdraobnosweivrieht koot eW.snoitaicossagnisuoh s t ne di s e r er omht i whguorht sugnitcatnoc 
• G a r d e n n u i s a n c e – 1 . 1 %Litter/rubbish/fly tipping–1.1% find out how they can improve their communal areas.• Promoteamemberof staff toNeighbourhod Officr,sotheBuy noise recording equipment, which will be used as evidence in ASB cases. puorgaerehw,raeytsal noissespuorgsucof adleheW:syasyrebesoRgnippohsyretsyM , d e hcnu al - e r s aw 
• Misuseofcommunalarea/• pNuobisliec–sp4a8c%e/loitering–2.3% NeighbourhoodTamnowhavemorepeopleto speakdirectlywith residents.• Givereidents‘welcome packs’ when they become tenantsRosebery says: This equipment has been invested in and our Neighbourhood Onofifisceeirsseoxfctesnsiuvsee, oitrtojurset cboercdanuoseiseofplrifoebstleylme,s.suItc’shhaeslpcehdildursentopildaeynintigfy. whendluohsti wohnostnediser morf sweiv gnitteg,koobdnahs’tnanet eht etadpudnahserfeR.edulcnidluohstinoitamrofnitahwdnadengisedeb 
• Pets and animal nuisance –• 9P.h3y%sical violence (other thanprofessionalism and they deliver to a consistently high standard. I enjoy withRosebry. • Carryout‘settlingin’visits,withsaffgotoa resident’ ASB management system, to help keep track of developments withindleherewseitivitca.secivresruognikcehcni devlovni neebdnatcapmi evitisop 
• dVaonmdeasltiiscmabanudsed) a–m2a.3g%e toafteamonthtocheckthey’vesettledin cmfortably,andtoresolve any concerns they might have.Rosebery says: We’ve created a new management system which has improved erotSytinutroppO901 :srebmemweneerht detiurcerewtahtyasotyppaher’eW.lenaPtnediseR adahydaerlaev’yehT.daetSkereDdnanesuoHyoJ,egroeGennai D 
• pV e r o r b p a e l r t a y b – u s 3 e % / h a r a s s m e n t / intimidation/threateningoCursthoamnedrlinRgelaotfioAnSsBMcasneasg. eWmee’rnet lsoyostkeimngistoinasdtavlalendc.e this system once a newsaeralanummoc,aeranoitpecerruonisretsoptupeW:syasyrebesoR dnayhpargotohp,ypareht tnemeganammsiruot ehtfosrebmemwenrof esitrevdaot etisbewruonodna,setatseruofo 
behaviour –22%36Walk-AboutTalkAboutWork together with residents to choose the new cleaning contractor..gnitiurcerfo miaeht hti w,lenaPtnediseRehtfosrebmemwenrof esitrevdA hcusstcejbusyduts ot yt uae b, gnit nuocc a s a 
eventswereheld,whereresidents cthoeuirldlorcaaisleaarenaysconcerns aboutworking with the EY team and nothing is ever too much trouble.”Rneowsecbleearnyinsgacyosn: tAragcrtoru.pWoef ospuernrtesaidloetnotsf wtimorekeddecildoisneglywhiitchhucsotmo psealneyctwae wantedtocarryoutthiswork,becausewknowit’s extremly importanttoyou. kraPyrebesoRni yli maf.shtnom21tsal ehtrevoffatsruoybtuodeirracerewsnoitadnemmocer deilppastnediserruoF, d n u F y r a s r u B e h t ot 
Ey ov au n a g n r d e Fs i r d e e y na t , s o f W e s t E w e l lTheconrat wasawardedtoClanscapesbecausetheywereabletoprovideu s w i t h t h e b e s t c o m b i n a t i o n o f c o s t a n d q u a l i t y .rehdnanesuoHyoJtnediseR 43fol-itatnoateAg.sasneacmorepwsriwaopherdreuwoeitvaerdleknoaoPltonsleadiysehRtedhnTa:rsuyoiavsayhreebbleaiscoRs nraelrosnoitsllaickfisilawueqn 
yehttnaemhcihw,dnuF wenrofydutsdluoc.sihtrofsnoitanalpxe
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Caroline Martin, Rosebery Housing Associations e c i v r e s n o k c a b d e e f nevigsaw99.557,2£ , a y e r F d n a a v EllewEtseWfostnediser gnuoy ...OT DESI MORPYREBESORRAEYTSAL
.sufollarofsecivresevorpmiotyrebesoRgniplehnielbaulaverasnoiniporuoY.spuorg dekroevwigevotahyrstenbesdiosRerhti79wsaeralacolrieht .ueoydivototrnpatotroelpbmaiyelremweyrtexhtese’stiuawcoenbksewpaecssunaacelbC,kotrodwedsirhatwtauosayrwrtaca.rotenvdoeacthneahywTamyehtsnrecnocynatuobastnediserhtiw. y t i l a u q d n a t s o c f o n oi t a n i b m o c t s e b e h t h t i w s u
sttnueodibstaeursoenbrAechklnwao,TcdtlyuenhoabeerAs-eiklawrastdlWnue6vo3ecsucruofoydnyraesbyesvorRusl-let,sottuuoobyArkolfasTytauwotbnAerkelfafidWf,ognsitpolpoerhasyerethsTy.meedkailmsgnihetbssetdnuelcmneivsiorhpT.miswdeniav ?GNI MROFREP eawtcyenlaespomtoscuhhctiihwylgensiodliceddekeromitw.ftstounteoldiasmetrenrehutpsotfreoWsp.urotrtcgarAt:nsoycagsnkilynratelbcoetswsoeRne.mdehgcnsadhecretlbeohtsstgansightnirtoefeelmbrisalsuogpetrodnlso’tiH • 
gninetaerht/noitdimitnilacolnidefiitnedierewsmlborpynarehtehwriehtgnitnemelpmignidulcni,raeyyreve gnioderaffatstahw.ronticalrtpnxoecgdninna,elscdwoenoherhtueosobohhgcioetnstnediserhtiwyrhehtwesgnotoksroaeWrehtgninialpxerosnoitadnemmocer%22–ruoivaheb tnneedipspeaRheehtgnsaAh.cseceisvreswridenhattsuecoibvraelsese’fneoitwaswionhasgrdonaethstrfeodnsuwyeirveebrersalouRgtearhttunoaytrroapcmeiwyr,leevns’atIP YREBESORSI WOH 
devklorapmWisamhorhfcihetwismbetesywstenehtmengoankacmawbedneaefdethasielrcbuevP’eW:•syasyrebesoRs’lenaPtnediseReht gnitroppuseunitnoC •.evahthgi myehtsnrecnocynaevloserKNIHTEWTAHWYREBESORGNo t e g a m a d d %n 3 a – m y s i t l r a e d p n o r a V p /t nemssarah/esubalabreV• •’eTemtWeu.gsoaensbaAcMBsSnAoiftoalegRnilrdenmaohtsruwoCeiverecivres2tuogniyrracottnemtimmoc
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: E G A T N E C R E Pednieldeepiepnevhta.nhniosist’ttneiletpummeBvo.cosrsgpernimgiroareehptnefehotbepnumoodslSe.dlhduestoaelhsphemcicohncewnr,enfefoibstDssiaomrmglenapiksganihMnknrdaolnwpa s:eOpTacEsSInaMlOCRPos,DsLyUaODHnSoitYcRAEsBeEciSvOeRSSeYtAtSsELEgnNidAlPohTeNuEnDiItSnEoRCEHT•%1.1–detalerlohoclA•
A S A E P Y T Y B S E S A Ceht,noraeya,dnatcejorpeht otni M1£detsevni eW:syasyrebesoR 
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