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Building a house,
making a home

Making a move from the home you have lived in for a long time is a big step. But for many older people sheltered 
housing is a good choice for those who want to live independently in a safe and supported environment. Moving to Douglas House in Horley, Raven’s latest purpose-built sheltered housing scheme, which opened in October 2009, 
has been positive for the 40 Raven residents who now call Douglas House home.“
Douglas House was built on the site of an out-of-date bedsit-style improvement work completed a I’m very happy here year ahead of schedule. Since 2007, with a lovely flat and“
Annual Report 2009–2010sheltered scheme and has 27 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. It has anwe have improved both the outsideof your homes, such as roof repairs, more could I want? nice outlook. What
IT suite, a spacious ground floor meeting area with wall art and and the inside, adding betterinsulation, improving heating and said Grace King of Douglas House, Horley
comfortable chairs, a library, an activity room and a guest suite. The replacing kitchens and bathrooms. We have also exceeded
7013a_Raven AR&A 09-10_AW.indd 114/9/10 11:01:39new residents were able to choose their own kitchens, which included eye-level ovens. The building is fully government-set standards by givingresidents choices over kitchen doorsand handles, bathroom tiles and93: 10: 1101/ 9/ 411 ddni. WA_01- 90 A&RA neva R_a3107
wheelchair accessible and there is a delightful low-water communal flooring and some choice over newwindows and heater/boiler
garden designed by an award- winning garden designer.upgrades.
We want to ensure that all residents, In total, we installed 638 kitchensand 608 bathrooms. It doesn’t stopher neighbours 0102–9002tropeRlaunnA
not just those who are in new buildings, enjoy good quality homes. there. Although Raven has met theofficial deadline a year early, DecentGrace King catches up with ouglas House.
All homes now meet the Decent Homes standard - a government Homes is a rolling programme sohomes that did not qualify forin the lounge at D
standard, which requires all social housing to meet a minimum level improvements this time round maybe eligible in the future.
by the end of 2010 - with
6703: 20: 11 01/ 9/ 419- 8 ddni. WA_01- 90 A&RA neva R_a3107
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