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by Rosebery Housing AssociationAHEAD

Summer4Streets Ahead | Summer 2013Streets Ahead | Summer 20135

A Voice for All ResidentsQ: How important is it for residents to ve 
be represented on the Board?Stetehouse
theBoard,andmineistheknowledgeofbeing a Rosebery resident. I joined the Resident Panel 
Our Board has overall responsibility for how well we perform in different service areas. to be a voice for residents and influence those who make the decisions. This was also the Resident Board MemberIf you’re interested 
There are 10 Board members and three of them are our residents. We also have one co-optee. imnsepmirbaetiro.nIt’fsovrimtael tthoatatphpelyBtoabrdecuonmderastaBnodasrd Steve in getting involved and telling us your 
Steve Whitehouse is the most recent resident to join in September 2012. Steve is marriedwhat it feels like to be a resident, because it’s valuablecustomerinformation.I –andmyfellow views, please call 
with two young daughters and lives in West Ewell. Here, he shares his story about becominga Board member.residentBoardembes –bringtheperspectiveof living in the local area and experiencing WhitehouseHayley Moore on 
services as a customer.Q:01372 814 013
a voice for all residents...Why did you apply to become a member of our Board?
Steve:I’vebeenaRoseberyresidentforsixyearsandherewasatimewhenIusedtoget Q:What has been the most rewarding aspect of beingaResidntPanel member and now
frustratedwiththewaythings werehandled. Butthisactually motivatedmetogetinvolvedand I started off small by completing customer feedback forms. My involvement continued asaBoardmember?
to grow and I became a member of the Resident Panel, a group which holds Rosebery to account and scrutinises their services. I was very impressed with the way that the Panel’s A:
recommendations were taken seriously by the Board. When a vacancy came up, I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about Rosebery and the way housing associations work.Steve: Seeing so many positive changesand improvements which have been carried 
I feel that I’m making a positive difference by helping to improve services for my fellow residents and I really enjoy being a voice for them.out for residents, in both our homes and communities. I was involved in getting the 
Also featuring....Making a Difference project off the ground, which has made valuable improvements to our 
environments. This project showed how small differences can make a huge impact. I honestly 
Meet our new Tenancy feel that Rosebery really cares about their communities and I’d encourage other residents Q:
Sustainment Officers tRoesciodnesnitdPear naeplpilnyitnhge tfoutuhre.Board and theHow has your experience on the Board been so far?
Find out how Natasha and Serginho can support you
Resident Panel updateA:Steve:It’sbeenfscinaing,espeiallyasI’ve 
How members have learntalotmoreaboutthetechnicalsideofthe organisation. I’ve attended some training,
improved our serviceswhich is on-going, and it’s helped me get to grips with the more complicated side of the 
role. The commitment has been manageable, although it shouldn’t be dismissed – I’ve spent 
quite a bit of time reading and digesting information. But I’ve had a lot of support from 
other members, who have explained anything I haven’t understood. I’m not shy about asking Steve, a
questions or giving my opinions, you can’t be if you want to make your with h man ,is two 
daugh Freyatersand Eva

4Streets Ahead | Autumn 20135Streets Ahead | Autumn 2013
We complete each s e c i v r e s r u o d e v o r p mi
Inspiring young peoplea v E d n a a y e r F e v a h s r e b me m w o H 
no wt s i h h t i w . k r a m r u o y e k a m o t t n a w u o y f isrethguad etadpulenaPtnediseR
Over the summer, we worked with an organisation called The Challenge Network, a y outh edition by supplying Opea,evetS gniksatuobayhstonm’I.dootsrednut’nevahI , n a m y l i m a f e b t ’ n a c u o y , s n oi ni p o y m g ni v i g r o s n oi t s e u q uoytroppusnacohnigreS
organisation which runs a summer programme for young people. Their aim is to bring yo people from different backgrounds and inspire them to work together. Challenges are set D a t e s f o r y o u r d i a r i e s ... .,u tnogm o r f t r o p p u s f o t o l a d a h e v ’ I t u B . n o i t a mr o f n i gnihtynadenialpxeevahohw,srebmemrehtos r e c fi f O t n e m n i a t s u S dnaahsataNwohtuodniF
help them learn skills like teamwork, leadership and communication.Here’s a list of Walk-About Talk-About Dates for your areas:Longmead South – including roads: Watersedge Worcester Park/Rushmere Court tnepsev’I –dessi msidebt’ndluohsti hguohtla g n i t s e g i d d n a g n i d a e r e mi t f o t i b a e t i u q ycnaneTwenruoteeM 
Atouteraomf oufr1o2ffiycoeunbgy Cpeuostpolme veirsiStedrvRicoeseMbearnyagnedr wDearveidgiSvtenveans. aUsn‘ivderrasgitoynosf’ CatreaaDtivreagAorntss. DTheen yeovuengt,swtehrischpitcohoekdptlhaecier Thisprovidedtheopportunityforthemtolearnboutwhatwtoourdraonsandwre,again,givenconstructivefeeat theToedndstianlgl tRodn, CMl,idHdalertvoenstCRld, ,NBimahbruasmRdR,d.5 November 2013 – 10amMeet atTheEdgeYouth Centre 3 December 2013 – 10.30am ideasMe et i n t h e G a r a g e a r e adba c k .ehtfoedisdetacilpmoceromehthtiwspirg,elbaeganamneebsahtnemti mmocehT.elor
doasanorganisation.Theyalsoprsentedcampaignproject Depeningthestrengthoftheircampaigns,fundswflipping-page 4 October 2013 – 10amMe e t a t t h e j u n c t i o n o f B a h r a m &NormnColyerCourtN ob l e P ar k e r e tFolslomwiengofthoautr, mstaofrfemmeemmbbeersr,s wohf oRogsaevberthy esmtafuf saelfsuol afeceteddback.donated to bring their ideas to life.,gniniartemosdednettaev’I.noitasinagroeht ....gnirutaefoslA ottegemdeplehs’ti dna,gniog-nosi hcihw
H a r v e s t e r R o a d West Ewell8 November 2013 – 10amMeetatReception6 December 2013 – 2pmMSheertwouotdsidWeaEyverest Court &12 young people ev’Isayllaicepse,gnitanicsafneebs’tI:evetS:Af o e d i s l a c i n h c e t e h t t u o b a e r o m t ol a t n r a e l
10 October 2013 – 10amPool Road ShopsLivingsonePark& The Manor15 November 2013 – 10amMeet at the Car Park in Eastman Way Cook Way/School Meadowwere given a tour 
e-newsletters.Tomlin Court15 October 2013 – 10amLongmead North – including roads: 9 December 2013 – 11amMeet in the Car Park areaesof Rosebery’s offic.eruufehtnilenaPtnediseR: Q
Meet at ReceptionAlbert Road/Ash MewsRutland Cl, Somerset Cl, Hollymoor Ln, Eleanor Ave, Bishopsmead Ct.1 9 N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 3 – 1 0 a mJohn Gale Court12 December 2013 – 10amstnediserrehtoegaruocned’I dnaseitinummoc eht dnadraoBhtotgniylpparedisnocot?raf os neebdraoBeht noecneirepxeruoysah woH
24 October 2013 – 11amMeet in the Car ParkM e e t a t B i s h o p s m e a d C o u r t Meet at ReceptionGatley Ave/PemberlyD“Waev’irdeSdtelivgehntesdstaoidwealtcothmeetiame: yltsenohI.tcapmi eguhaekamnacsecnereffid riehttuobaseracyllaeryrebesoRtahtleef 
Stafford Rise/Gilbert CourtElmwood Close2M 6 e e N t o i n v e t h m e b C e a r r 2 P 0 a 1 r 3 k a – r 2 e a p m 17 December 2013 – 3pmMeet at junction of Gatley Ave y. Thhoeuysinwgeraessvoecryiaitniotenreisstreudn iannhdoawskaed group of young people to RoseberYoungpeoapslpeavritsiotifng ruootstnemevorpmielbaulavedamsahhcihw llams wohdewohstcejorpsihT.stnemnorivne 
28 October 2013 – 11amMeet in the Car ParkParkside Court28 November 2013 – 3pm& Ruxley Lanea lot of questions. It was great for sthtaefirf tcoamthpeanigtankse. Tphaeryt ihnahdearliongt ofRseberyThe Challenge Network.mehtrofeciovagniebyojneyllaerIdnastnediser ...stnediserllarofeciovaehtgnittegnidevlovnisawI.seitinummoc ,dnuorgehtffotcejorpecnereffiDagnikaM 
Meet at Flats 1-12fantastic ideas and we can’t wait to see how they’ve put theminto practice”: A esuohetih W.krowsnoitaicossagnisuohyawehtdnayrebesoRtuobaromnraelotytinutropponasadeirracneebevahhcihwstnemevorpmi dna wollefymrofsecivresevorpmi ot gniplehybecnereffidevitisopagnikamm’ItahtleefIdnasemohruohtobni,stnediserroftuo 
evetSs’lenaPehttaht yaweht hti wdesserpmi yrevsawI.secivresrieht sesiniturcs dnatnuocca tiwasI,puemacycacavanehW.droBehtybylsuoiresnekaterewsnoitadnemmocers e g n a h c e v i t i s o p y n a m o s g ni e e S : e v et S
For more information please call Be a winner with ‘My Rosebery’deunitnoctnemvlovniyM.smrofkcabdeefremotsucgnitelpmocybllmsffodetratsIdna ot yrebesoRsdlohhcihwpuorga,lenaPtnediseRehtforebmemaemacebI dna worgot
Hayley Moore on :Q wondnarebmemlenaPtnediseRagnieb:Ategot desuI nehwemit asawereht dnasraeyxisroftnediseryrebesoRaneebev’I:evetS?rebmemdraoBasa vlovitegotemdetavitomyllautsihttuB.deldnaherwsgnihtyawehthtiwdetartsurf
01372 814 013In the Spring issue of Streets Ahead, we which you’ll need to log on to the service. fotcepsagnidrawertsomehtneebsahtahW rebmeMdraoBtnediseR
t‘oMldy yRouseabeoruyt’.aItn’sewpaornt loinfeosuerroviwcen cwaelblesdite andenablesyoutkeeptrackofyour Iimt’spaonrtoatnhteirnwfoarymtahtaiot nyo. u can find out If you haven’t receivedyoor uyrousneerneadmheldpeutasinlsg, the : Q
own repairs, find out whenyourkitchen is being upgraded, make payments to yourWe’re keen to get more of you involved, so sign up before 1st December to beservice, please call us onrentaccount–allwithoutneedingtospeak inwith achance ofwinning £75, £50 01372 814000 or? d r a o B r u o f o r e b m e m a e m o c e b o t y l p p a u o y di d y h W 31 0 41 8 2 7 31 0
toanyonea ouroffice.Everyoneshouldor £25vouchersfrChristmas.Check out the latest involvement opportunities at have a username and password by now, freephone 0800 068 7664. gnicneirepxednaae.realmaotcsolucehatsniasgenicivivlrfeos.rebmemdraoBa
onsteert S llacesaelp,sweivweovliltecfeypsmredpnaeh–tIg.ninroibta–smreofbnimreemdortsauocBetlnbeadiulsaevr gni mocebtuobayrotssihserahseh,ereH.llewEtseWnisevil dnasrethguadgnuoyowt htiw 
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